The travel and tourism industry in the GCC has experienced an increase in development in the last decade due to rapid urbanization, the realization of new hubs and airports, changes in people’s lifestyle and increased disposable income of consumers.

Most Suppliers are based outside the GCC area and do not have a local office, while their Clients (airlines, duty-free shops, and travel retailers) require constant assistance and a local presence for ease of business. Hence it is necessary for Suppliers to find a skilled and reliable partner to ensure best business practice and maximize profits.

HYBA was created to give international Suppliers all the assistance they may require to serve their Clients most effectively.

HYBA can provide its Suppliers with business support in the following areas:

  • Promoting Suppliers’ products and finding Clients in the GCC travel retail market.
  • Taking care of in-store merchandising and training the staff of Duty-Free stores and Airlines.
  • Coordinating all logistical aspects and order flows between Supplier and Client.
  • Providing marketing and promotion services (including but not limited to activity plans and execution, price management proposals and merchandising plans).
  • Ensuring maximum brand exposure and adhering to brand guidelines through proper product placement in Duty-Free Stores.
  • Various other administrative and promotional services that may be required in connection with the activities mentioned earlier.

HYBA can assist Supplier and Manufacturers with distributing its products in the domestic GCC market.

HYBA can advise companies that have little or no experience in the regional travel retail market on how to structure its offer to have the best value proposition for retailers.